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Multilingual Sales

Multilingual sales is the creation of outsourced sales teams that speak the language of the new countries your business wishes to enter. A highly motivated and well managed native speaking sales team is vital in achieving the sales success you want in new countries. Transaction Focus has a presence in all five continents. We build and manage outsourced multilingual sales teams on your behalf.

Quickly sell in new countries and territories

Outsourced multilingual sales enables your company to start selling in new countries and territories without the cost, time or risk of needing to open an office or recruit staff. We work with you to refine your sales and marketing strategy, then build and manage an international sales team on your behalf.

Building multilingual sales teams

Transaction Focus sources, recruits, trains, manages and motivates tailor made, multilingual, native language speaking telephone and Field Sales and Marketing across Europe, the Middle East and Africa and further afield. These success focused teams work “as one” alongside your own sales and marketing teams but without the overheads or commitments of recruiting them internally.

Rapid international sales

Transaction Focus can facilitate market research and sell into overseas markets. We save you time and considerable expense in research, reconnaissance trips and trade missions, by talking directly to your target clients and resellers in their own language. We can pre-qualify, carry out test selling, communicate offers, sell or close deals on your behalf.

Scaling your multilingual sales team easily

Outsourcing your multilingual sales team offers greater flexibility when you want to scale up or scale down your sales resource. Such flexibility is vital in new markets or when market conditions are volatile.

Retaining your multilingual sales team

Successful outsourced multilingual sales teams can become full time members of your organisation. Transaction Focus has multiple clients who have successfully established their presence in a new country or markets, and then decided to make our outsourced multilingual sales team the basis of their presence in that new territory.


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