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How We Work

Transaction Focus partners with our client’s to enable rapid sales growth across international territories.

We do this by building elite level outsourced sales and tele-marketing teams for your business.

Founded in 2004, Transaction Focus has successfully established itself as a highly adaptive and competitive outsourced sales and marketing company, with a diverse mix of clients from the media, IT, technology, communications, and travel sectors.

True Partnership

Transaction Focus works mindfully, confidentially and rapidly towards your objectives.

All our consultants, trainers and interims are highly experienced sales and marketing professionals who have operated in a range of environments, internationally and within the UK.

If you thought outsourced sales was about “commission agents” and contractors with divided loyalties you are missing the opportunity. 

We are achievement orientated professionals, 100% dedicated to working on a basis of mutual trust, loyalty and co-venturing.

Highly skilled outsourced sales personnel

We create outsourced sales, telemarketing and telesales functions on your behalf. Personnel are hand picked and trained with great care around core members of our international team.

As our teams are experienced and have functioned in similar environments, the learning curve and product familiarisation period needed before achieving results is shorter.

Tailored sales implementation planning

Just as an airline pilot plans his route and files a flight plan, Transaction Focus use our own Rapid Sales Process to plan your market entry. We implement a tailor-made mix of people and financial resources to meet your objectives.

In cases where you have already undertaken such research, we will incorporate it into our preparatory work and extend it to bring it fully up to date as required.

Using this approach is cost effective, efficient and safeguards against the risks of paying for sales resources that do not deliver healthy ROI.

Future proofing your international sales

The success of your international sales is not locked into your outsourced sales resource. At Transaction Focus we understand the value of the team we create on your behalf. On multiple occasions clients have capitalised on the success of our outsourced sales team by absorbing them as their own regional sales team. Far from resisting this natural evolution we celebrate it as evidence of success. On several occasions, clients have hired our high performing teams directly for a relatively small fee after 1 to 5 years of working with us;  this is testament to our World Class team selection, training and management that is second to none.

Sizing and scaling in line with your ambition and goals

Transaction Focus has represented companies in as many as 15 countries simultaneously and has the bandwidth to manage up to 250 sales persons on a single project. 

We are also happy to hire a 50% FTE sales person in a new market or channel in order to test sell your product before scaling up.

Start working with Transaction Focus

Transaction Focus start our work with clients through a Exploratory Sales Consultation call. This 15 minute call is an executive briefing so we can quickly understand your goals. If we can help you then we will invite you to a Rapid Sales Workshop with a local market expert from our team, where we will take a strategic look at the opportunities and challenges available to your company. Why not book your Rapid Sales Consultation call now.

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