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Country and Channel Development

Country and Channel Development is a key strategy for rapid growth companies. Transaction Focus carry out effective country and channel development so that you can maximise all the possible countries and channels for your business.

Selling in new countries, sectors and channels can be the most cost effective way for companies to increase sales and improve the return on investment from their existing products and services. Transaction Focus helps companies quickly overcome uncertainties about how to package and sell their products in new countries and sectors. We then establish a sales team and distributor partnerships to rapidly generate sales revenue in new channels or sectors. 

With Transaction Focus Country and Channel Development service you will grow revenues and become less reliant on existing channel or sector sales, 

Country and channel development

Growth companies need to identify new opportunities to sell more of their products. Transaction Focus provides c-suite level experience in the global markets you need to enter. During our Rapid Sales Workshop we work with you to identify the countries and sectors that offer the most opportunities for your business. We then implement a sales and marketing strategy to effectively drive sales and revenues.


Sales Approach - Channel Development

Outsourced sales

Creating early revenue is a key goal of our Country and Channel Development work. By using our outsourced sales service, companies can carry out test marketing and test selling before committing internal sales and marketing resource. Our outsourced sales teams are recruited and managed on your behalf. You benefit from our local market knowledge and contacts without the cost and time expense of trying to expand into new countries yourself. Outsourced sales and marketing resource can easily be scaled up and down in line with channel demand and potential.

Distribution partners and motivation

Distribution partners can be an important part of entering new markets and channels. Transaction Focus has existing contacts and relationships around the world that means we can quickly and successfully set up distribution partners and ensure they are properly motivated to support your products and services.

An effective Channel and Country Development project includes the entire supply chain needed to take your product to market in new countries.

Test selling

Test selling is the evidence we look for to back up our Country and Channel Development process. Transaction Focus believes that the best way to test your products potential in new countries and channels is to actually sell them. Test selling campaigns take your product to market as quickly as we can appropriately manage it. The results of test selling campaigns are used to evolve customer profiles, target companies and distributor shortlists, ensuring that we can move your business to large scale launches with more accuracy and confidence. 


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