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Business Growth & Continuity

Companies experiencing rapid growth need the systems, people and structures to ensure the business continues to grow successfully. Business growth and continuity takes into account leadership, product development, your brand, staff engagement and customer services around the world. Rapid growth companies know this but it’s the ability to keep them under control whilst growing rapidly that Transaction Focus assists you with.

Identifying the threats and opportunities

Working with Transaction Focus gives you access to c-suite level expertise. Growth and Continuity projects start with our Rapid Sales Workshop to understand your business goals and objectives and to highlight possible threats and opportunities.

You can call +44 207 127 8070 or request a call back to discuss booking a Rapid Sales Workshop.

Elements from our Growth and Continuity process

Our consultants and interims work with a hands-on approach to fill gaps and support your team. We are not here to preach or take over. Our objective is to ensure your business is equipped for growth. 

Examples of areas we address are:

  • A shared stakeholder mission
  • Serious Succession planning and employee empowerment
  • A focused direct, indirect and acquisitive sales mix
  • A true spirit of CX (Customer Services Excellence)
  • Unabandoned international ambition
  • A diverse balanced hungry global board
  • A lean, agile, rapid reaction structure 
  • A resilient mindset
  • Pride and passion 
  • An innovative pulse and no fear experimental culture
  • Calm crisis management


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