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Export Sales

Export sales takes your existing products and services and sells them in new countries and channels. There is no faster way to increase revenue than through export sales. Transaction Focus has expertise and local contacts in all five continents of the world which we use to quickly build effective outsourced sales teams and trusted distributor partnerships.

Export sales without the risk or cost

Entering new markets presents many new challenges. Outsourcing your export sales with Transaction Focus means you do not have to set up an office or hire remote staff. Your costs, overheads and commitments are all massively reduced.

Export sales Overseas Business Development Diagram

Rapid sales and test selling

Our goal is to get your product into the hands of customers as quickly as possible. Following a Rapid Sales Workshop where we identify opportunities and shortlist buyers and distributors, we commonly begin a test selling period to measure the potential and drive early revenue for your business. The results of a test selling period then evolve the sales strategy and targets.

Outsourced export sales team

Success in new territories can often come down the speed that you are able to establish a presence. Having an export sales team with local knowledge and contacts is therefore vital. It is rare that a company has the ability inhouse to build such a team which is why Transaction Focus is such a powerful partner. We have a c-suite level presence in every continent. We quickly build influential sales teams, who we then train and motivate to achieve your sales targets. You get the benefit of sales in new countries without the commitment or stress of building and managing the team.

conference casablanca 2019
Charles Smee and Pierre Richard at a brand and export development workshop with Moroccan food producers in Casablanca.


Distributor and supply chain optimisation

Transaction Focus knows the importance of supply chain management and distributor relationships. Picking the right partners and suppliers can make or break your success. Using existing market knowledge and contacts we are able to quickly shortlist ideal partners, run due diligence on them and complete agreements. Such local knowledge is a strong competitive advantage and reduces many of the risks of entering new markets.

Sales success from export sales

Transaction Focus will help you achieve sustainable growth in new target markets. We do more than just hire staff and provide market entry guidance. We create and improve your sales and marketing processes and make sure that your sales pipeline is full and replenished. We sign orders with profitable long term customers. We then service and nurture these customers. Transaction Focus is happy to manage your export sales team long into the future or help you absorb our team into your business and become the basis for your presence in new markets.


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