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Test Marketing & Selling

Test marketing and test selling will help you verify that there is a market for your products, discover new sales channels, appreciate how long the Sales Cycle Length is likely to be, and understand what barriers to sales you will need to overcome. Better still, it drives early revenue in your target countries.

Test selling vs Market Research

Transaction Focus inherently believes that “real, tangible, meaningful” market research results are best achieved with a well planned live test selling campaign.

Pre-launch testing might apply to a new product launch, an entry into a new country, territory, market, or channel or just to test customer reaction to a small product change or new brand variant.

Imagine the difference when you present early sales revenue to your CEO instead of market research reports. Test selling becomes powerful evidence that you have chosen the right countries and gives everyone the confidence to make the right decisions.

As a specialist test selling or test marketing agency we proactively seek to generate revenue while testing a product’s sales and marketing potential.

Providing an independent view

Unlike your own sales force who have a vested interest in the status quo, the Transaction Focus approach ensures that the financial decisions you make about product and service viability are accurate and timely leaving you and your colleagues free to concentrate on generating income, maximising cash flow, improving profitability and the other things that matter to you.


Driving sales and reducing costs

Sales and Marketing concepts need testing prior to launch to ensure that they reap the rewards that business owners and shareholders expect. At Transaction Focus, we believe that sales and marketing are inextricably linked and that the best and cheapest way to market test is to actually “test sell” out there in the real world. The results and revenue, allow you to determine, independently of your Sales and Marketing Director, just how many salespeople are actually needed to deliver the forecast numbers.

We have been engaged in test selling for a number of years across numerous product / service types and in developed and emerging markets on every continent. Our process is not theoretical – it happens in real time and with real people.


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