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Distributor Management

Distributor management and performance can be the initial key to your success in any international sales markets. The right partners and an effective supply chain can make or break the early stages of market entry. Whether you are entering a new country or need to beat last years sales results, our international sales experts can establish, manage and motivate your global distribution network.

Our C-suite level executive team has the local market experience and contacts that you need. We shortlist and match distribution partners that fit your product and targets. Transaction Focus then works with and trains distributors to deliver effective sales campaigns, whilst at the same time reducing costs through effective supply chain set up. We focus on providing long term success through our proven 5 step distributor motivation model.

How Transaction Focus enables in market partner success


Your product strategy and end game


Fine tune to enhance local buy in

Due Diligence

Identify , research and Select

Distributor Motivation

Manage and
enhance results


Assess results
and improve

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Understanding your product

Our C-suite level international sales and marketing expertise allows us to support companies when developing their global distribution network. In your RAPID SALES WORKSHOP we bring in our local market experts to identify what the opportunity is for you and your product, whilst also highlighting any potential challenges we might face.

Distribution set up and Distributor Management

Our native local team matches you with the ideal distribution partners and the required supply chain. Transaction Focus helps companies innovate their value chain so that they increase their speed to market and reduce their dependency on others. This can be be through a classic distributor model or through our virtual distribution model , whereby we provide a dedicated sales manager to achieve sales and manage logistics on your behalf. Via either approach, we give clients more control of their pricing, products and distribution. Throughout our distributor management process we practice true visibility which builds trust, resulting in faster and more sustained growth.

Distributor due diligence and selection

Are you struggling to find a trusted distributor that you can rely on?

We provide search, selection and distributor due diligence services to make sure your chosen distributor is the right partner for you. Effective distributor management begins with choosing the right distributors. Our service supports you during all stages of the process, however, careful, analytical due diligence is our initial main priority. Due diligence is key to our distributor selection process and allows us to ensure that your business will excel in your desired markets. Selecting a wrong distributor can prove to be highly costly.

Distributor management

Any company that works with international distributors knows that keeping your product top of mind with their sales people is vital to your success. The problem comes when you are not around to provide that distributor motivation. Transaction Focus offers the opportunity to take over distributor management and motivation of existing distributors, providing you with specialist outsourced sales teams to work hard under those distributors and support their existing sales growth process.

Assessment and evolution

The traditional distributor model can mean that your product is one of many they represent. This means they do not always have time to review and prioritise your products success. Working with Transaction Focus ensures distributor management and motivation is a constant proces. It means your results are always a priority. We continuously asses sales and customer satisfaction to evolve your presence in each and every market your products are sold. This ensures that challenges are avoided and better still, success in one area is repeated in others.

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