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Distributor Due Diligence

Are you struggling to find a trusted distributor that you can rely on? Distributor due diligence ensures you are working with the right distribution partners and supply chain for your business. Having the wrong distributor will undermine your brand, customer satisfaction and revenue goals. Transaction Focus have experience around the world and use our existing local market contacts to ensure we match your business with the right distributor network.

Understanding your product

During a Rapid Sales Workshop we learn about your products and targets. With an understanding of your business we bring in our local market experts to identify what the opportunity is for you and your product, whilst also highlighting any potential challenges we might face.

Distributor and supply chain shortlist

Transaction Focus helps companies innovate your supply chain so you can increase your speed to market and reduce your dependency on others. We provide search, selection and due diligence services to make sure your chosen distributor is the right partner for you. We offer services at all stages of the process, but due- diligence is our main priority in all the work we do. Due diligence is key to our distributor selection process and allows us to ensure that your business will excel in your desired markets.

Distributor motivation

Any company that works with international distributors knows that keeping your product top of mind with their sales people is vital to your success. The problem comes when you are not around to provide that motivation. Transaction Focus manages the relationships with your distributors. We leverage our local market presence and provide you with specialist salespersons to work hard under those distributors and keep sales on target.

Assessment and evolution

Working with Transaction Focus means you get a single point of contact across multiple territories and 100% transparency on results and performance. We continuously assess sales and customer satisfaction to evolve your presence in each and every market your products are sold. This ensures that challenges are avoided and better still, success in one area is repeated in others.


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