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Lead Generation & Nurturing

Sales success starts with identifying the best buyers for your products and services. As well as our existing contacts and distribution partners, Transaction Focus creates lead generation opportunities by using the best global data and technology providers. This ensures we are able to quickly identify target companies and contact the key decision makers within them.

Our structured lead nurturing process then ensures prospects are educated and motivated to purchase. Leads who are nurtured well, buy quicker, spend more and refer frequently, which fuels your business growth.

Lead generation

Identifying the best buyers is vital. Our lead generation process starts in the Rapid Sales Workshop. During this planning meeting we learn about your products and ideal buyers, before defining a sales implementation plan to match the perfect companies to target in the short and medium term.

Lead nurturing

Lead nurturing is the “gel” that keeps suspects and prospects engaged through the closed loop CRM sales process and beyond. Transaction Focus are skilled at building relationships that turn cold contacts and warm leads into qualified prospects. We nurture leads across appropriate channels with relevant messages at the right time to optimise your sales process.

Lead generation data

Access to data is a competitive advantage that you cannot afford to be without. The process of identifying data providers and then learning how to get the most out of their systems can be costly and take time. Working with Transaction Focus removes this risk because we already have the tools and licenses to access data on your behalf.

Lead nurturing tools

Transaction Focus is agnostic in our choice of CRM and sales management tools meaning we can work with your existing systems or match your needs with the right tools for the job. The main priority is that leads are nurtured effectively and converted into sales.

Lead generation sales and results

Transaction Focus works to targets and uses results to evolve your sales process. We provide clients with 100% transparency on performance and work with you to optimise every element of our work and your presence in sales territories across the world.


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