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Outside Sales

Outside sales – or field-sales – teams still have an important role to play in modern selling. Often working in conjunction with an outside sales team to generate leads and set appointments, an effective outside sales team will develop close working relationships with key prospects and clients. Transaction Focus provides outside sales teams that are hungry, dedicated and sector specific.

Building your outside sales team

Transaction Focus are experts in achieving sales success from outside sales teams. Our knowledge and experience across all five continents, means we can quickly build outside sales teams with local knowledge and contacts in the markets your products are being sold. This is rarely knowledge that companies have inhouse which is why outsourcing the management of outside sales teams has become so vital for companies with rapid growth goals.

Our outside sales people are confident presenting and liaising with all levels of management and most carry their name on client business cards when working on an outside sales project.

Outsourced outside sales teams are cost effective

We can save you between 30-50% of your costs of hiring and managing a Field Sales team. Transaction Focus takes on the logistics of building your outside sales team meaning that your business does not have the overheads or commitments. You stay connected to your outside sales team through our managers and c-suite level executives but are freed from the training and support required to motivate successful sales people. Meaning we focus on delivering sales whilst you focus on continued growth and customer satisfaction.

Sales results from outside sales teams

During the Rapid Sales Workshop to kick off our work together, Transaction Focus develop a sales and marketing strategy appropriate to the country and market you want to sell in. Our team leaders and c-suite level executives provide you with full transparency and regular communication throughout the project and use their wealth of experience to drive revenue and evolve the outside sales programme effectively.

Scaling outside sales easily

Outsourcing your outside sales team offers greater flexibility when you want to scale up or down your sales resource. Such flexibility is vital in new markets or when market conditions are volatile.

Retaining your outsides sales team

Successful outsourced sales teams can become full time members of your organisation. Transaction Focus has multiple clients who have successfully established their presence in a new country or markets, and then decided to make our outsourced outside sales team the basis of their presence in that new territory.


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