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Outsourced Sales

Outsourced sales enable high growth companies to successfully expand their sales and marketing into new territories with minimum time, cost and risk. It is a well established and cost efficient service that many venture backed business use to grow at scale. At Transaction Focus we use our Rapid Sales methodology to take an active role in selling your product or service.

Quickly sell in new countries and territories

Outsourced sales enables your company to start selling in new countries and territories without the cost, time or risk of needing to open an office or recruit staff. We work with you to refine your sales and marketing strategy, then build and manage an international sales team on your behalf.

C-suite level strategy and planning

Outsourced sales gives you instant knowledge, experience and contacts across the world. The  Transaction Focus executive team have global sales and marketing experience at c-suite level. We work with you to understand your growth targets and define your sales strategy in the countries you desire or we believe will work for your business.

Sales team with local market expertise and contacts

Transaction Focus do more than just hire and pay your outsourced sales team. We work in true partnership to ensure that the team are hired for their relevent expertise and contacts and that they stay motivated to produce consistent results. As often as possible we have existing relationships with the team we will build in your behalf, meaning they start on day 1 with our ethos and work values instilled.

Set up your distributor network

A trusted and motivated distributor network can be a powerful competitive advantege powerful. When a distributor network is in place or part of the planned strategy, Transaction Focus carries out due diligence and selection of key partners. We then manage and motivate the key relationships throughout the supply chain to ensure that your products are top of mind and effectively represented.

Test Selling

Test selling is core to our Rapid Sales methodology. We battle test our sales strategy to create results and revenue as quickly as possible, before evolving and rolling out a broader activity.

Outsourced sales reduces costs and increases revenue

Outsourced sales enables your business to continuously sweat capital, optimise ROI and reduce fixed costs You get skilled sales personnel with local market knowledge without the risk and overheads of recruiting a team and opening an office.


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