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Global Sales Acceleration

Outsourced sales enables high growth companies to successfully expand their sales and marketing into new territories with minimum time, cost and risk. At Transaction Focus, we use our Rapid Global Sales methodology to take an active role in selling your product or service. 

We work with you to refine your sales and marketing strategy, then build and manage an international sales team on your behalf. You keep your core team lean and keen, whilst we recruit, train and motivate your outsourced sales team in new countries and channels. The end result is the international sales success your ambitious growth plans require.

How Transaction Focus Helps Your International Sales

Local Understanding

Your product
and targets

Growth Approach

Defining global
sales strategy

Build & Set Up

sales team

Test Selling

To drive
early revenue


Assess results
and improve

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Understanding Your Product and Targets

Our C-suite level international sales and marketing expertise allows us to support companies when planning and implementing their outsourced sales team. When you share with us your international targets, we bring in our local market experts to identify what the opportunity is for you and your product, whilst also highlighting any potential challenges we might face.

Creating a rapid global sales strategy

With clarity around the product and business goals, we then define the ideal sales strategy to sell into your desired countries. In our RAPID SALES WORKSHOP we identify the immediate opportunities and the personnel required to achieve them. Significant investment in offices, staff and other operational expenses are generally avoided, allowing you to start test selling with our experienced team to drive revenue with minimal risk or cost.

Build Outsourced Sales Teams who perform

Successful outsourced sales is so much more than simply recruiting a new team. Transaction Focus set up and manage hand-picked, sector experienced sales and marketing professionals with local market contacts. Our people work as your team on a flexible or a full time basis to generate sales revenue. We know how to get the best results out of local teams and adapt our strategies to fit the diverse cultural and economic demands of each country or market.

Test Selling

Whilst other companies embark on slow and costly market research, your Transaction Focus team carry out test selling and test marketing programmes. By working with people who know the country you want to break into, we prove the sales model and establish a foothold in your new sales territory. The simple goal is to generate sales revenue rapidly so that together we can focus on a larger role out of the international sales plan.

Drive, Expand and Roll Out

Expanding an international sales team with zero loss in efficiency is a difficult task. As with each of step of our Rapid Sales methodology, you benefit from the extensive C-suite experience of the Transaction Focus team to ensure your sales team is well trained, your distributors stay motivated and your customers remain satisfied, all without a drop in sales performance. The results and testimonials of our clients show the value in long term relationships and equally, we are equally satisfied when a company transfers our outsourced sales team to become their own in-house sales team.

This means that we have succeeded  and thereafter, Transaction Focus can help you expand into new territories, channels and sectors, in turn building incremental sales revenue.


Assessment and evolution

Long term sales success only happens with focus and commitment. With Transaction Focus supporting your international sales and distribution, you can be sure that results are always a priority. We work in true partnership. We continuously assess sales and customer satisfaction to evolve your presence in each and every market where your products are sold. This ensures that challenges are avoided and better still, success in one area is repeated in others.

Best practice is stored and shared in a spirit of continuous improvement.

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