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Sales Enablement & Optimisation

Sales force optimisation is about getting the most out of your sales people. 

The Transaction Focus sales force optimisation methodology starts with making your sales force more efficient and productive. It is possible using our methodology – before sales force automation and technology is applied – to double or even triple the amount of face to face selling time per salesperson.

Only then do we apply technology, training and recruitment to leverage our results and take your sales performance to the next level. 

How Transaction Focus Can Help You


Goals and performance


To optimise your
sales force

Sales Team

In-house vs
Outsourced Sales


Tailored training initiatives


Implement salesforce automation

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Sales Goals and Performance

Our executive level sales and marketing specialists enable Transaction Focus to quickly understand and identify the challenges that companies face in getting the most out of their sales team. Sales optimisation starts with understanding your goals and enquiring into the structure and systems that are supporting – or holding back – the results. We bring in our local market experts to identify what the opportunity is for your sales team, whilst also highlighting any potential challenges we might face.

Strategy To Optimise Your Sales Force

High growth companies manage their international sales with an in-house sales team, an outsourced sales team or through distribution partners. Transaction Focus assists companies in defining which approach is the best for the goals and ambitions of your company and supports you in optimising the final approach. Common concerns around cost, future proofing and control are dispelled by our flexible partnership based methods and backed up by testimonials from happy blue chip international clients.

In House Sales Force Optimisation

Salesforce  optimisation starts with getting the most out of your sales team. Research shows that 1 salesperson in 250 consistently hits their targets, with many field-based sales forces spending only 10% of their work time selling and 75% of call centres spending less than 45 minutes per hour selling. 

Transaction Focus’ sales force optimisation methodology makes your sales force operation more efficient and productive by removing the constraints on available time and where necessary reorganising the sales and customer engagement structure. 

It is possible using our methodology – before sales force automation and technology is applied – to double or even triple the amount of face to face selling time per salesperson.

Outsourced Sales Force Optimisation

Transaction Focus does more than just recruit you a team.  An effective outsourced sales strategy delivers a team of skilled experts, with local market experience and contacts, that you do not need to manage but are 100% committed to your companies sales, profit and brand objectives. 

Our approach eliminates the management headaches and involvement caused by working in unfamiliar jurisdictions and increases your global footprint at lower cost than you could have achieved without us. 

We always aim to sustain long term profitable business for our customers and this has included for some clients evolving the team into their own in-house international sales force. We call it the success cycle.

Apply Tailored Training Initiatives

Traditional sales training is often costly and quickly forgotten. Training for sales force personnel needs to be applied in the right way at the right time. Our sales management experts have worked around the world in multiple markets and products sectors. Having optimised the environment, time and sales process, our Rapid Sales Optimisation methodology ensures results across your team by leveraging experience, results and rewards.  This ensures laggards are not left behind, mid-performers can’t hide behind average results and high performers do not getting head-hunted by competitors.

Implement Sales Force Automation and Technology

Sales force automation and technology gives you access to best sales personnel and turbo charges your sales performance. Not only will the right tool stack save you time and money but used right can guarantee you a competitive advantage over a company that does not use them.   

At Transaction Focus, we are not tied to any particular supplier and can assist you with the initial business case and the short-listing process, before assisting you in the successful implementation across your in-house or outsourced sales team.

Assessment and Evolution

Assessing sales performance effectively is vital to ensuring continued performance and growth. The Transaction Focus Rapid Sales Optimisation methodology process is a continuous loop. As well as the years of sales and marketing experience our team brings to your business you also benefit from their live involvement in other industries and markets, bringing insights and choices not otherwise available to you. Thus, enabling you to out manoeuvre competitors and market trends, on the way to your future success.

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