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CSR Focus

CSR Focus

In my view CSR needs to be at the core of the enterprise culture. It is certainly not a waste of time.

CSR needs to be a fundamental element of the company brand DNA, vision and mission.

When everything is naturally and authentically aligned, customers sense a clear sense of purpose and buy more easily and employees are far more engaged and far more productive.

In more view, CSR is not so much about philanthropy; it is about leadership, ethics , true visibility and empowering employees to care for their company and give something back to the community.

For Sponsorship, community or philanthropic marketing programmes to meet ROI and be sustainable, they need to be carefully planned, so that they are a natural fit with company brand, vision, mission etc.

CSR, like brands should be an asset on the balance sheet (“triple line index”) in the 1980’s.

Non financial due diligence (including CSR practice) should be used to measure company performance prior to acquisition, in addition to financial and legal due diligence.

Furthermore, best model companies surely prefer totally engaged stakeholders rather than hungry, demanding shareholders.

Natural Sustainable sales growth results from everyone in an organisation searching for revenue opportunities and taking personal responsibility.

At Transaction Focus, we call this PSR (Personal Social Responsibility)

You could argue that everyone in a company needs to buy into PSR before CSR initiatives are deployed.

It is hard to be a perfect corporate citizen, but at least conscientious business people should try their best to continuously improve Ideally, both CSR and PSR parameters are set and driven by the leadership team.

Visionary marketing teams can also add significant value; after all CSR is a subset of the company brand bible.

Companies that embrace holocratic principles as opposed to hierarchy, innovate and grow quicker, as ambitious individuals with strong PSR values thrive. Brand, company vision, CSR and holocracy are all interlinked.

Transaction Focus has highly talented mentors who can help you put these programmes in place ; all in pursuit of Natural sustainable profitable growth.

Protecting critical species with Organic farming.

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