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You Outsource Your HR & IT, Why not Sales Outsourcing?

As a business owner or corporate executive, you must ask yourself, how can I turn over my company’s sales to an outside firm?  Sales is my lifeblood, it’s the company’s family jewels. I can’t possibly let someone else develop, manage and run with it, or can I?

Who will own the relationships with the clients? Will I lose control? What happens if something goes wrong?

Industry experts acknowledge that  business process outsourcing has become a standard business practice. Outsourcing functions like logistics, administration, help desk/ IT, payroll etc. can save you as much as 20%. What if outsourcing your sales functions could save you 30% in acquisition cost…AND INCREASE SALES REVENUE AND PROFIT MARGINS?

Total Solution Delivery

Are you tired of interviewing sales candidates due to turnover? Are you frustrated because forecasting and reality have nothing in common? Are you concerned that your salespeople are selling less, discounting like crazy, losing clients faster than they bring new ones on? By partnering with Sales Focus Inc. you can do what you do best and allow a results proven company do what they do best.


Business Process Outsourcing is making up over half of all outsourcing dollars spent in the market.  Sales Outsourcing makes up approximately 20% of the total outsourcing revenue with a 30% annual growth rate!

More and more companies, both large and small are looking for outsourcing providers who can bring value by;

  • Reducing their “Cost of Sales”
  • Increasing the Speed to Market
  • Scalable Sales Teams Able to Grow or Shrink Instantly
  • Improving Productivity of Existing Sales
  • Reducing the Turnover Rate
  • Increasing Client Acquisition and Satisfaction
  • Shortening the Sales Cycle



In studying some of the most productive sales teams in various industries, a core of key principles, beliefs, skills, and practices becomes apparent with those of the top tier. The best sales teams exhibit an energy, cohesiveness, and structure of process that allows them to dominate.  Here we will examine what choices and decisions you need to make in choosing your Sales Outsourcing provider so your company can focus on success.


  1. What is Sales Outsourcing?


It is the transfer or development of sales resources, including all overhead expenses, such as recruiting, payroll, insurance, commission management, equipment, training, including the management responsibilities to an outside organization.  The outside organization, the outsourcing provider, has the responsibility to manage the sales team to meet corporate expectations and achieve results.


  1. What is causing an increase in demand for      Sales Outsourcing? 


“Sales Expertise” – Many organizations are launched by engineers, financial or operations type professionals.  They are able to grow a business to a certain level based on their expertise, but in order to achieve their next level of growth they need to look outside of the organization to find sales & marketing guidance and direction.


“Keeping a Focus” – Many large organizations have existing sales teams in place.  If you put too large of a burden on your existing sales team with new products, new geographies or new targets, they will lose their focus!  Using an alternative channel, such as a sales outsourcing organization allows a focused sales effort on a particular market segment or product.  Dedicated sales teams focused strictly on the SMB marketplace. Keep your existing teams focused on the big deals.


“Tactical Revenue” – Sales Outsourcing solutions, which range from advisory services to outsourcing services, focus on developing Tactical Revenue Plans that will help companies achieve the next level of growth quickly.

“Cost of Sales” – If an organization looks at the true cost of building, supporting and managing a sales force they would be surprised.  Many companies can’t tell you what the true “cost of sales” really is.  Sales Outsourcing offers clients a “fixed” cost of sales solution.  The average cost of sales outsourcing is much lower than developing your own sales team!

“Speed to Market” – Another factor is time to market, it’s much quicker for an outsourcing provider to have a well trained and managed sales team out the door making and closing business than to organically grow a team.  Outsourcing providers are constantly recruiting and have Sales processes in place and can produce results with “feet on the street” in 45 days or less.



  1. How does a business know it’s time to look at      sales outsourcing? 


If your organization needs to roll out a new service or open a new territory, Sales Outsourcing solutions provides a much quicker solution and allows their existing sales team to maintain their focus.

Or, if you currently don’t have a sales force in place and decide it’s time to grow.

Or, if your company has experienced one or more of the following problem areas like Stagnate Growth, High Turnover Rates, High loss Ratio or Low Margins.


  1. How large or small can a company be to      implement Sales Outsourcing? 


Most small and mid sized companies require assistance in generating tactical revenue strategies.  Large organization, Fortune 500 companies, also need the speed and flexibility of sales outsourcing where they can launch a sales force in a new territory in less than 45 days then have the ability to scale the project at a moments notice.  Large organizations with existing sales teams need to keep their sales people focused and not introduced too many new products or change direction too quickly.  Sales Focus is flexible to meet the demands of a changing economy. Feet on the street in less than 45 days across the US or global!  Scalable, flexible and focused!

  1. What differentiates Sales Outsourcing      companies?


Sales Outsourcing is still a growing industry that is becoming more and more crowded with new competitors.  It’s important to verify that the organization has had success in the development and launch of several sales teams.  They should have a minimum of 10 years experience in growing companies.  The Sales Outsourcing provider should have a clear understanding of vertical industries and the knowledge of differentiating between selling products and services.


If a technology services company needs to launch a sales team, the Sales outsourcing organization needs to have a strong understanding of technology and solution based selling techniques before they can effectively build and launch a sales force.


They must also possess strong sales organization development capabilities and have their sales processes well documented along with a solid launch process to get the team moving quickly.



In today’s aggressive environment, sales outsourcing assists companies in going to market quickly and effectively and provides them with an overall competitive advantage at a reduced cost of sale.  A true win/win solution.


Author:- Marilyn Horwath – Sales Focus Inc