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Multicultural Diversity fosters Growth

I want to first thank everyone @yeovilnhs for being so highly professional and caring during anxious moments 10 days ago.

Is there evidence to suggest that organisations with a high proportion of staff from different countries with diverse cultures perform better and grow faster than organisations with a significant majority of local, native  staff ?

@TransactionFocus, we achieve sales enablement with multilingual sales teams and believe that strong cultural diversity vastly improves Team CQ (Cultural Intelligence) , sales growth and CX (Customer Service Excellence).

Multicultural team members tend to make more effort to understand each others’ differences, beliefs, and backgrounds ; even language.

Companies with a single nationality are less exposed to outside influences, progressive work processes and global best practices.

They are normally more conservative and can be impeded by #groupthink that in turn can stifle growth.

In the 1980’s, Samsung was very Korean in mindset and transformed itself by inviting 150 new nationalities onto to their management trainee scheme. Look where they are today : a true global power house.

Multicultural companies tend to export more naturally. SaaS companies can achieve global sales acceleration by hiring graduates from all around the World.

What is your view and experience? Please share your thoughts