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A Gift from Mother Nature !

As a dual citizen of the Pearl of Africa (Uganda) and lush green Ireland, I am naturally in touch with nature, despite living in London.

Seaspiracy created quite a noise when released last month. After watching it, I sat and asked myself what I could do to contribute to the sustainability of Sea Life?

Today (22nd April) young climate activists from around the world, like Greta Thunberg Alexandria Villaseñor, and Licypriya Kangujam are looking to make the same noise and get you asking the same questions. They have joined with organisations and other individuals to raise awareness to the threats against our home, Planet Earth.

My home is my sanctuary, a place I clean and look after daily, a place I spend most of my time and a place where I find peace. I feel that sometimes we forget, that although we may have our own bricks and mortar sanctuary, we all share the same home! So why is it we do not see a healthy planet as a necessity but merely an option?

David Attenborough has educated generations over decades on the spectacular environments and species that contribute and create the planet we call home (it is their home too). In his latest release ‘The Year Earth Changed’ it is self-evident the impact we as humans have on the planet.

When the world shut down during the Covid Lockdown, elements of the world of nature came to life. Was 2020 a gift from mother nature?

It was a year where the world changed in extraordinary ways. Endangered animals enjoyed a boost to their chances of survival; never seen before views were seen in cities with high air pollution; annual global emissions of carbon dioxide fell by 6%, and there were no rhinos killed for their horns in Kenya for the first time since 1999.

So, what inspiration can we take to better exist alongside nature? What small changes can you and your business make as we ease out of lockdown?

Every business has CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), but in order to make a difference and create a sustainable environment, it needs to exist alongside PSR (Personal Social Responsibility). Climate change and the breakdown of our natural systems contribute to the breakdown of the global economy. There is no right or wrong way to self-regulate our businesses or ourselves, but CSR and PSR are fundamental elements of our Corporate brand DNA, vision and mission to contribute to global and social issues.

No one will ever be ‘perfect’, but when trying our best to be the ‘perfect’ corporate citizen; to do so, we require leadership, ethics, true visibility, the empowering of others to care for something greater than ourselves or our organisations by giving back to the community.

If our wildlife is under threat from habitat loss and toxicants, while we continue to implement initiatives to be more sustainable, imagine what can happen when we are not looking at ways to grow sustainable revenue in our business? Think about what environment your business thrives in? Are you providing the correct environment for your employees? What fuels your business? How do you nurture it?

Transaction Focus has always encouraged innovative thinking, emerging green technologies and supported natural processes. However, it is only by putting programs in place for businesses, in pursuit of natural sustainable profitable growth, where we have seen the same self-evident impact, we saw on the world in 2020.

Small changes make a difference.

We can make a difference!

We can transform the health of the planet!

We can in turn transform the health of our business!

Feel free to reach out to me at to discuss more

Jasmine Ruske

Progressive World Citizen and Head of Marcoms @TransactionFocus