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Sales Force Automation

Sales, Field Marketing and Customer service teams are increasingly
operating away from the office and in more complex omnichannel and data
rich environments. Information is being transferred back and forth to
the office or to “the cloud”.

Numerous CRM software packages are available on the market. The higher end open source CRM packages normally have lead generation and lead nurturing functions.

Transaction Focus can provide impartial advice to help you select a bespoke lead generation and sales optimisation and sales force automation software formula for your sales, marketing and customer service teams, so that your entire multi-functional team benefit from the improved real time lead, prospect and customer account visibility.

Few organisations have 20 years of practical, hands on experience of managing remote teams internationally and experimenting with sales force automation, as Transaction Focus have.

Customer information can easily be shared by all the team including Finance and Senior management. Sales and marketing initiatives are coordinated more closely and time efficiencies are significant. Customer response times are greatly reduced.

Transaction Audits are necessary for senior management to observe sales activity and for Financial Directors, controllers and managers to have access to real time analytics and revenue acquisition visibility. It seems obvious that Sales and Marketing KPIs should interlink with Financial KPIs, but not all organisations are structured to operate in this way.

Our service demonstrates how Sales Force Automation technology can be implemented cost effectively and efficiently to generate greater ROI.

If you really want to be leading edge, learn about how our Emoshape microchips are bringing emotion to robots and machines and contact centre messenging.

Enable your Field sales team to provide instant feedback with mobile QR code scans and short link connections.
Bpm’online included in Gartner’s 2016 Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation


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