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Non Financial Due Diligence

Before negotiating to purchase a company, non-financial diligence will help you know whether you are paying the right price and give you a better idea how the company might perform in the future.

Non-financial due diligence can also help a purchaser reduce the acquisition offer price.

Pre-acquisition negotiation 

The due diligence should be instantly self-financing and provide you with a qualitative overview of the business future performance complementing financial data analysis that reveals more of a current and historical view.

What non-financial due diligence reveals

The Non-Financial Due Diligence process shows you  more than just the financial information for the business. It shows you beneath the water line: 


  • PEOPLE analysis (including Board Member and Director future performance analysis)
  • PROCESS Operations, Logistics, Sales and Marketing and Customer Service performance
  • TECHNOLOGY advantage versus competitors and lead advantage position
  • RISK MITIGATION ANALYSIS Range of bespoke tools
Non Financial Due Diligence looks beneath the financial numbers


  • PEOPLE, PROCESS and TECHNOLOGY advantage versus key direct competitors
  • MARGIN PROTECTION feasibility study


  • BRAND REVIEWS (using Transaction Focus tried and tested brand methodology)
  • RISK FUTURE PROOFING using Patterned Based Strategy versus PESTLE Analysis
  • CSR AND COMMUNITY Engagement measures
  • PR & REPUTATION ASSESSMENT past, present and training for the future


  • GLOBAL MARKET GROWTH opportunity analysis
  • LOCATION ANALYSIS to reduce overheads so as to sustain optimal growth



Alongside your Corporate Finance team or management, we can tailor make the on site visit(s) agendas in line with your specific target objectives.

Please call John Gelmini or Charles Smee on +44(0)207 127 8070 for more details.

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Tru Dil London Forum - Non Financial Due Diligence
True Dil London Forum VIDEO Tuesday 5th March 2019

TrueDil events take you deeper into due-diligence

TrueDil events are a definite date for your diary.

Pulling global M&A experts together is no easy task, which means our events are not that often but they are exceptionally good.

As well as learning from industry experts, you will network with fellow guests at the forefront of business growth and acquisition.

You will leave brimming with the latest knowledge and schedule of high value meetings.

Take a look at TrueDil events for previous events and our upcoming schedule.

Truedil ESG Net Zero Event September 2022

“Will You Be Able To Sell Your Company Without Delivering ESGs?”
London – March 16th 2023 – Pre-register Now

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Learn to greatly improve your M&A success rate by taking this online training with seasoned M&A expert John Gelmini. , John has been a “sharp-end” M&A practitioner and transformation consultant for the past 28 years. 

This training course consists of 20 sessions at 20 minutes each, and is currently instructed online.

This training course is developed from a 2-day intensive training course. Learn at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home or office. 

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Meet The Tru-Dil Team

Siobhan Lavelle – Reputation and Risk Mitigation Expert

Managing Director of Cornelle Communications. MCIPR accredited

Siobhan is our Reputation and Risk Mitigation Expert

She has worked for many years coordinating PR, Comms plans and Crisis management programmes for SMBs and for larger organisations such as Astra Zeneca, Glaxo SmithKline, the Institute of Civil Engineers, Severn Trent Water, Tesco and Western Power Distribution.

Charles Smee – Founder and CEO Transaction Focus

Charles has a rich leadership, change management, JV consolidation, CSR and team integration experience in diverse sectors across Europe and the Far East.

The team at Transaction Focus train, lead and motivate sales and marketing teams for SMEs and multinationals across 5 continents.

Charles started his working life at the FT and then spent 10 years at WPP and Saatchi & Saatchi, creating and implementing corporate and brand sales and marketing campaigns for clients such as BAT, Coca-Cola, Kellogg, Nabisco and P&G ; he has lived and worked in France, Romania, Malaysia, South Korea and Vietnam.

Transaction Focus has increasingly recognised and championed the importance of team goal and cultural alignment for ventures that have ambitious sustainable revenue objectives.

People Engagement is the cornerstone of True Diligence TM ,non-financial due diligence that complements traditional financial and legal M&A due diligence.

Trevor Pullen – Business Change and Employee Engagement

Trevor has 30 years’ experience in implementing high profile Business/Culture Change programmes, mainly at hp and 10 years’ experience in developing Employee Engagement plans. This expertise has been utilised and honed whilst working for a Global IT Software supplier.

His Business Change planning will focus on the employees of organisations to anticipate their concerns and alleviate their anxiety, enabling them to embrace the merger/acquisition. Then, in the new organisation his Employee Engagement plans will help to make it the place to join, the place to shine, the place to grow and the place to be, creating a unified organisational identity.


Roy McFarlene

An entrepreneurial Chartered Electro-mechanical Engineer who works with Technical Directors, Enterprise thought leaders and Asset Investors in pursuit of manufacturing productivity optimisation. Roy focusses largely on emerging market intervention or complex business cases that require innovative and holistic solutions to reduce risk.

He has a strong track record in key emerging markets; Russia (Technical solutions, Training and Leadership enablement) and UAE (International supply chain compliance) as well as some prospective new business from Morocco, India and sub-Saharan Africa (Capital Asset Investment).

Roy provides his clients with a combination of forward thinking management practice, strategy derived from experience, strong technical expertise and use of holistic enterprise analysis with simulation to provide a foundation for effective business planning and acquisition.

Liliana Caimacan – Marketing & Business Expert 

A Creative, strategic marketing person with 20 years of experience, mainly with Unilever, across diverse functions including marketing, communication, brand development, digital, advertising, sustainability innovations development and lean start-up.

A Leader who combines business expertise and creative talent to develop and implement innovative marketing, communications, and brand strategies.

Experienced professional with acquired strengths in brand development and building brands with purpose, product innovation, campaign lifecycle and planning, digital and social media, as well as customer marketing and channel development.

Proven aptitude to target audience through strategic brand management and integrated marketing campaigns.

Liliana is also motivational and life coach, with a strong track record in developing and leading empowered, winning teams.


John Gelmini – Co-Founder TrueDil

John is an experienced management consultant, strategic thinker and researcher who has a track record of improving sales processes and efficiencies in the Private and Public sectors.

Since working for GE Capital in the USA and UK, John has worked for various management consultants servicing Corporates and SMEs. He has significant Contact Centre and Field Sales experience and is driving Transaction Focus’ Non Financial Due (TRUE) Diligence campaign.

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