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TFocus Energy


Transaction Focus Ltd has launched TFocus Energy, a 360 degree energy service. Our experienced team provides private and public organisations with a fully integrated energy saving , management and net zero deployment service. 

Unlike traditional energy brokers, TFocus Energy gives clients access to time and energy saving technologies and searches out the most favourable energy contracts, tax and grant initiatives for each site. 

Our service is priced to ensure that we have a mutually beneficial long term relationship, so that together we do things properly without cutting corners for lasting net zero focused impact. 

We also make sustainability goals and ESGs engaging fun, inclusive and inspiring. 

Team motivation has always been one of our core strengths. 

Your senior management will be able to track every aspect of our collective energy management 

Online in real time. 

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Inspired Team Sustainability

Meet The TFocus Energy Team

Carly McBeth

20 years of multi skilled experience within the energy industry, 10 years spent working for Npower which covered a range of roles starting in customer service moving onto complaints, sales, management & coaching.

10 years working as an energy consultant, 7 years spent working for a large consultancy as an energy/sustainability consultant, 3 years as director for my own energy consultancy.

Charles Smee – Founder and CEO Transaction Focus

Charles has 35 years of sales and marketing on five continents improving sales and marketing performance and efficiencies for major brands , such as BAT, Coca-Cola, Hilti, IBM, Intel , Kellogg and Kimberly-Clark amongst many others.

Since 2004, Transaction Focus has upheld lean, keen and green ethical working principles and we have championed sustainable homeworking , focusing on PSR (Personal Social Responsibility) and healthy family life alongside CSR.

Our TFocus team believe that Employees and Stakeholders need to be empowered to drive ESGs and Sustainability faster and harder using new measurement technologies.

Transaction Focus also has conducted energy saving business development campaigns for ALE, BP Solar, Constructing Better Health, Economy, Gas-Elec and Sun Connect.

Simon Shuker

A restless Civil engineer turned green innovation and R&D tax specialist who has anaerobic digestion and biomass experience.

Book A TFocus Energy Consultation

Book a call with the TFocus Energy team so that you can discuss your sustainability goals and committments.