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TRUE DIL is short for True Diligence and can also be pronounced “True Deal”. In Urdu, it means “from the heart”.

In short, our True Diligence programme is a “future looking” open networking and discussion forum , designed to help optimise the success of mergers , acquisitions and partnerships, so that all stakeholders gain and prosper in the longer term.

With 78% of mergers and acquisitions failing in the long term, traditional legal and financial Due Diligence alone is no longer enough; True Diligence complements and enhances traditional legal and financial due diligence, so that investors make sounder investments with stronger growth and returns.

We are assembling NFDD (Non-Financial Due Diligence) specialists from all continents to deliver True Diligence. These will include AI / OI, IOT ,Cyber, forensics, insurance,  team and culture integration experts, sales optimisation & test marketing, Reputation and other sector specialists. Their role is to provide innovative in depth analysis and new thinking and a clearer view of the acquisition or investment target

Our first #TRUEDIL 1 London Forum hit the mark

A brief introduction by Charles Smee, followed by a clear endorsement address by David Cooper of Aon M&A and Transaction Solutions; Aon’s strapline “Securing investments, Enhancing Returns” explained  what True Diligence is all about.

Aon, AiM, Aperio Intelligence, British Chambers of Commerce, Cisco, Google, Midaxo, TPS, Unilever and Wizard Solutions are already endorsement partners of our TRUEDIL Discussion Forum.

NFDD or True Diligence has existed for a great many years; there is nothing new. The TRUEDIL Forum is highlighting the importance of sharing new approaches.

VCs , Private Equity and Corporate M&A lawyers might only use one specialist area of True Diligence. Our team may be able to help them source the “perfect fit” provider in Russia or Argentina or elsewhere.

Rigorous NFDD can help ensure that M&As or JVs are not derailed or fail to live up to their full potential. Some advisors and companies can use #TRUEDIL as a price pre-negotiation tool to determine or verify the right price of a target company.

A few VCs have already used the #Transaction Focus “True Source” potential target generation service to search out potential acquisition targets.

Other companies have received NFDD True Diligence training from our teams in Dubai, Kuala Lumpur , London and Oman. These sessions were fully subscribed.

We believe that Corporate M&A law firms can enhance their client investment protection and in turn optimise their service and reputation by using our True Diligence services.

Too often, deals are pushed through too quickly with inadequate NFDD.

For example, without PEOPLE (the most valuable asset of any company) role clarification and integration pre and post acquisition, the team spirit can dissipate. Anxious or demotivated employees may leave because of rumours of a takeover. More critically, failed mergers and acquisitions cause lost income and lost jobs and disrupted livelihoods.

Far too frequently, perfectly sound companies with sustained profits over a number of years are broken up and divested as a result of ambitious M&A activity that is completed with inadequate True Diligence.

One of our key team motivators is to reduce ensure that the M&A Process is more integral with a 360 degree due diligence overview.


For more information, please call us on 0207 127 8070 or else email me on

Twitter: @Truedil1


Charles Smee, Founder of TRUEDIL and Transaction Focus