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If you could press restart on any aspect of your life or business, what would you choose to do differently?

Today, 21st June is your opportunity to pause and get in touch with your natural and spiritual side.

Wherever you are in the world (northern hemisphere), signs of summer solstice are evident. Flowers are blossoming, nature is flourishing, and longer days are here.

As humans, we all have an inseparable relationship with the natural environment around us and the wellbeing of our body, mind and spirit.

The summer solstice is the way the universe tells the world to Recharge, Reboot, Rethink and Refresh.

For centuries it has been celebrated globally, it is the mid-point of the growing season between planting and harvesting. The symbolic element of fire representing passion, creativity, creation, rebirth, renewal, action, and clarity.

So, how does this affect you and how can you tap into the powerful solstice energy?

Firstly, we need to acknowledge that the sun is the ultimate source of light and warmth on the earth’s surface, and nothing is so fundamental as the length of the day for any of earth’s creatures. The sun provides life to all and the opportunity for growth.

As we enter crop season, this is the perfect time to ensure a healthy Harvest for your business!

Energise your Business:

  1. Plant seeds for growth- It is time to start growing your next opportunity, but before you do, make sure the environment supports your growth. Prepare!
  2. Explore new verticals- A fresh approach to a business can open opportunities and ensure your business is sustainable
  3. Test the markets overseas- Increase your ROI in markets you know are guaranteed to grow
  4. Cultivate innovation within your team- For a business to flourish a shared vision is a must!

Liberate your team to unleash their greatest potential!

Energise your office: 

  1. Connect your business to nature- Encourage your employees to take advantage of the lighter days, take walks in nature and maybe have your lunch outside.
  2. Cleanse and recharge your employees with the power of the sun’s energy- spend time watching the sunrise or sunset, sit in the sun when possible (this is a good source of Vitamin D) and let in as much natural light into the house and office. You will see a change in mood, energy and spirit.
  3. Celebrate the abundance of nature and our bodies connect to it with seasonal foods. Bring in seasonal fruits and vegetables, or eat them at home.
  4. Use flowers as an energy booster around the office. This will lighten and brighten everything around you.

Today is the day to Recharge, Reboot, Rethink and Refresh.

Let us take you to the highest point!

Serve more, manage less!

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Jasmine Ruske