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Should every business person in Europe be keen to stay in Europe ?


Dr. Rebecca Harding’s statistics highlight the benefits of increasing business with Europe.

Business needs Europe

•“I’d rather have 1% growth in a market worth £33bn than 10% growth in a market worth £5bn”
•Trade and the prevention of war are the basis of the European Union
•Trade with Europe is worth £301bn to the UK economy
•The value of the Euro is closely correlated with its trade and its trade with the UK
•The value of the Dax and the FTSE is closely correlated with European trade and trade with the UK
•Skills are highly correlated with high-end trade


UK’s top 20 import partners


Can anyone share conclusive evidence to counter Dr. Rebecca Harding’s statistics..?

Rebecca Harding – CEO, Delta Economics

Dr Harding is an independent economist, Founder and CEO of Delta Economics Ltd and Delta Economics Forum LLP. Recent clients of Delta Economics have included HSBC, Grant Thornton, HSBC, Microsoft, Prognos, the International Labour Organisation, the OECD, the European Union, Regeneris, BMAS (the German Ministry for Work and Social Affairs), the Women’s Enterprise Task Force, Prowess, the National Women’s Policy Centre and several of the Regional Development Agencies ( In June 2008 she was awarded the Prowess Women’s Enterprise Researcher of the Year award and in June 2010 was admitted to the Worshipful Company of Management consultants.