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Prince Philip

On her 95th birthday this week, Queen Elizabeth thanked the public for their support and emphasised the extraordinary impact her late husband had on countless people.

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (1921 to 2021) was a devoted family man, who embraced the extended Royal Family, the Commonwealth of Nations and European values; he had strong no nonsense values that appeal to Worldly entrepreneurs who want to shake the World.

Even his sternest critic with a severe overdose of BLM fever could not justifiably have branded this caring visionary with a profound social inclusion agenda, as a racist.

As Patron of 780 organisations and as President of the Football Association, the MCC and International President of the Equestrian Society, his Royal Highness did so much to promote social, economic, cultural and ethnic diversity in Football, Cricket and Equestrianism.
He also humorously and refreshingly challenged British stuffiness.

Prince Philip embodied his Gordonstoun headmaster, Kurt Hahn’s heritage of experiential learning and love of nature.

Kurt Hahn diagnosed six (6) societal ills in the 1930’s that may have contributed to the decline of Britain’s place in the World :-

• lack of physical fitness
• decline of initiative and enterprise
• decline of imagination
• decline of craftsmanship
• decline of self-discipline
• decline of compassion

Interestingly, an ambitious high performing entrepreneur needs all 6 of these attributes today.
To combat these social ills in the shadow of his headmaster, Philip developed a programme for developing “moral independence”, physical wellbeing and the ability to tell right from wrong (again relevant in this day of fake news and self publicity).

He extended the Hahn “Outward Bound” School principles in the form of “The Duke of Edinburgh Awards” inspiring young people from all backgrounds in 40 countries to taste adventure and freedom and to attain a sense of purpose and self-confidence.

Philip upheld the values of decency and hard work with great humility and was ahead of his time in championing the importance of nature and conservation.

His most telling role was supporting Queen Elizabeth, discretely, steadfastly and selflessly and for making her so happy and relaxed during their leisure time.

Written by Charles Smee, Founder and MD of Transaction Focus Ltd