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Does Outsourced Telemarketing Sales Work?

The demand for outsourced telemarketing sales has never been higher. Companies are realising that the flexible nature of outsourced telemarketing gives them access to highly skilled sales people without the overheads of hiring and training their own telemarketing teams. Like all client-supplier relationships though the success of any outsourced telemarketing sales comes down to how well you choose and manage your telemarketing partner. 

At Transaction Focus we regularly help our clients select and manage their outsourced telemarketing companies. We do this because our clients know that investment in sales success is returned in their sales results and revenue (ROI).

Does telemarketing work? 

In the digital age of permission-based marketing, the inspirational art of telephone marketing still has a clearly defined role in the marketing mix.  

We still believe that the best way to initially contact a company is by using the telephone. Telemarketing – or inside sales as it is often now called – harnesses the power and speed of the telephone, internet, email and now video, to create personal 1 to 1 sales opportunities.  

Some products can still be sold on the basis of a great telephone call, as long as you have strong marketing collateral (or simply a good website) ….but most importantly, energetic, marketing savvy, polite telemarketing people, who really know how to sell. 

Targeting the right people 

It doesn’t matter what sales and marketing technique you use the success of your campaign will largely come down to putting the right message in front of the right people. You need to be crystal clear about your target customer and have a perfect avatar that defines who they are, what stage of life they are in, what they need and where you can find them. It is not enough to simply say “all women in their 50’s” (B2C) or “all hospital procurement managers” (B2B). 

Your outsourced telemarketing sales should demand a very clear definition of your target before they start working with you. Even if they are contacting existing customers you still need them to know exactly who they are talking to. 

Choosing the right outsourced telemarketing sales company 

Any successful business will have learnt the hard way that choosing the right supplier is vital. You need to be clear on what kind out outsourced sales partner you need. If you do not have a great deal of experience in sales team management then this could be a challenge.  

Outsourced sales companies can be large operations with teams who sell multiple products and services, using little more than scripts on screens. With well trained sales people, a clear campaign brief and quality supporting material this can still be very effective. 

At the other end of the scale, you might choose a small industry specific outsourced sales company that would provide a small highly skilled sales team with contacts and experience in your sector. This can give you instant cut through at senior levels of a business and momentum for high value sales. 

More than anything you need to know that your chosen supplier has skill and experience in selling services like yours to companies you want to target. You need to ask about their training methods, how your campaign will be explained to the team and what the process is of monitoring and reporting results. 

Managing your outsourced telemarketing sales partner 

Like any marketing agency relationship, the success of your campaign will largely come down to the quality of your brief to them and how well you manage them. If you do not have experience in setting up a telemarketing campaign then a good supplier will take great care and detail to ensure they know your products and have what they need from you in order to sell them 

At Transaction Focus we regularly source and manage outsourced telemarketing companies on behalf of our clients. We start our RAPID SALES methodology with a workshop to define the strategy and best route to market. Whether inside sales (telemarketing) or outside sales (field marketing) we then commonly enter into a test selling phase where we achieve early sales and test the strategy which then leads to the full sales strategy roll out.  

Outsourced telemarketing sales results  

One of big benefits of outsourced telemarketing sales should be in the detailed reporting of results. A good telemarketing company will have highly advanced reporting systems that give you greater insights into your sales results than you might be able to create on your own. 

As a client you should have clear benchmarks and KPI’s (key performance indicators) that you have agreed to.  

It is not that your telemarketing partner should hit these instantly but they should definitely have the insights into what has been happening and why results are what they are. When you outsource your sales you should be able to count on their skills and experience to make the winning adjustments you might not have been able to see on your own.  

Have regular meetings scheduled and know when you can expect sales figures to be reported. 

Does using an outsourced sales company make sense? 

There are many great products that do not become successful. Sales are vital in achieving the success you and your investors desire. Just because your product or service is of high quality does not mean you have the skills or personnel within your business to sell them. That is not a failing. You just need to know when to bring the right skills in at the right time. You may not need to recruit an expensive sales management team. Especially in international territories, you will need a flexible solution that is highly targeted and measured.  

When you can prove results and count on sales then perhaps you can develop your own in-house team. But then again, if you are hitting targets and generating revenue from a lower cost base, then your outsourced sales partner may simply become a vital supplier and part of your long-term success. 

Find out how Transaction Focus can accelerate your global sales

Transaction Focus brings senior level international sales experience into our clients’ business. We help you understand exactly what you need and help you deploy it in a sensible and staged approach that always focuses on results and revenue. 

Book a RAPID SALES CONSULTATION CALL today where you can share your targets and challenges and begin to receive our expert guidance and advice. This is not a sales call. If we see a fit between your company and our methodology, then we will invite you to work further with us.