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Why measurement and community are key to green energy success

Other than averting WW3, there is no greater priority for socially conscious citizens than climate change.

This is why Transaction Focus will soon be launching a dedicated Green Energy division.

Did you know that Climate Tech will potentially be valued globally at US$ 160 trillion by 2035?

Unless organisations know what they are wasting or leaking now, they cannot set seriously meaningful KPI /KRA priorities to reach Net Zero by 2035 or 2050. This a collective effort.

Transaction Focus has teamed up with the OAK Network ; OAK measures meticulously and helps communities and organisations to become self-sustainable by sharing and distributing their collective energy locally, rather than just feeding back into the grid for pure financial gain.

Oak Network - green energy measurement and community


The OAK Foundation also enables schools to offset energy costs and simultaneously educate pupils so that the Net Zero legacy is sustainable and sustained well into the future.


Surprisingly, the State of Texas has started to tax solar installations. Communities, business entities (whether private or public) need to take energy matters into their own hands.

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