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Do Startups rely far too much on funding?

Should they not know how to stand on their own feet first?

In the past 15 years, pre-start ups with a semi minimal viable concept #mvc have been accustomed to raise seed funding with relative ease.

These hey days may be about to end with increased #ESG #supplychain regulation, geopolitical disruption, inflationary pressures and increasingly turbulent markets.

Investors are stalling, requesting more #duediligence, perhaps in the hope that market conditions may improve.

According to @crunchbase, start up investment shrunk by US$10 billion in March 2022.

Is #Organicgrowth the way to go?….Tougher , albeit more rewarding ?

Arguably, entrepreneurs with true resolve and passion will always find a way to move forward, even if they have to grow organically or semi-organically with limited #angelinvestment.

Historically, some of the most successful startups began trading in #lean demanding periods of recession.

They learn #trueresilience first hand and how to create a more robust, lean #salesgrowthengine and build a more lean and performance focused #tailormade sales team

Adventurous companies can grow during recessions as they finetune their value proposition and focus on #internationalgrowth.



Written by Charles Smee, Founder and Managing Director of Transaction Focus Ltd