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Branding Advice


Look at our simple Transaction Focus logo and ask us more about our brand methodology. If your brand is not continually relevant to your profitable customers how can you achieve ongoing repeat sales.


We will always advise you to think about your brand.

If your brand is healthy, it is easier to transact.

Likewise, think about the health implications on your brand before you transact.


Transaction Focus Logo

We have discovered that to Chinese speakers, our TF logo identifier was not very positive, progressive nor aspirational.

It implies that sales are going “down”, not “up”…Not great for our business ..!

We conducted focus groups with Chinese communities from around the world and made the necessary changes.

So we now turn our logo on it’s head when addressing Chinese speaking markets and most Chinese people now perceive our logo to mean that sales are going “up”, rather than “down”…

If you are doing international business, why not double check that your logo and brand proposition are well perceived in those target export sales markets.

Transaction Focus are always happy to help you with your brand design and brand planning.

We have experience of creating brands from scratch and many of the Transaction Focus team have managed major international brands as Marketing Directors or as senior Account persons in major multinational agencies.

Does your brand communication provide you with that competitive edge ?

Transaction Marketing™ is all about your brand.

Many SME’s do not appreciate the importance of brand preservation and sound stewardship.

We also offer brand creation and brand building methodologies and solutions.

Why not measure your brand effectiveness with our Transaction Audit ™.

Give your team something to think about.

Winning through

Strong brands win business. This is a pretty universal truth. If you do not have strong branding, it is wise to seek some brand advice.

When marketing and sales work together the outcome is greater than the sum of parts.

Businesses that believe in these brand truths and put them into action gain credibility and have a safe, trusted, watertight vessel
(with strong brand values) in which to face the storm.

Those that do not batten down and cut costs may go to sea in a leaky bucket.

Brand Truth

Brand truth is at the centre of all business activity.

We all have to make sure we deliver our brand promises.

Look at a cauliflower closely. Each florette is true to the cauliflower’s whole identity.

Brand identity is the essence of strategy and needs to form part of every operation and every experience.

If this is not the case, your brand power will be significantly diluted.

Ask us more about Brand DNA and how to keep your brand wholesome and fresh.

This will help your business to flourish.

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