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The Power of true leadership – In business and in Sport



Before the appointment of Brendon McCullum and Ben Stokes as Coach and Captain, England had not won a single test match in their last 17 appearances.

With the same personnel and a few bright future stars, the new leadership team have not lost and have now won 9 out of 10 of the last matches since June. Today they became the first international team ever to win 3 consecutive matches in Pakistan.

How can we explain such a dramatic transformation?

I was lucky to be at Lords on the first day of this incredible turn around, that may impact how the long format of the game is played forever. 

Most CEOs focus on #riskmanagement; that is why we set up #truedil.

Some could argue that England’s style of play branded as #Bazball is risk abandonment. Others may say it is creative high risk / #rewardmanagement.

Bazball named after Brendon McCullum is a refreshing, creative, tactical, empowering, fearless, fun loving, spirited novel approach to cricket that has sent a warm, fuzzy, tingling sensation down the spines of English cricket fans and has also attracted new admirers

More importantly the new leadership team has given the players the power to #grow and excel. 

This dynamic new fearless approach arguably releases anxiety and fear of failure to such an extent that powerful new waves of energy and belief align.

Inspired leaders like Stokes and McCullum lead from the front on the field of play as well as in the meeting room and training sessions. Their exuberance is infectious and they have demonstrated their considerable talents as cricketing legends in the past that earns them respect.

Perhaps more importantly, they encourage, support, care for, empower and create a fearless “no blame” culture. For them, it is more important for team players to enjoy themselves, express their talents for the sake of the team development as opposed to solely focus on winning. This is a stark contrast to the “win at all cost” attitude in most sports and business teams.

This approach takes selfless courage. 4 years ago, Stokes was stripped of his vice captaincy, suspended from the team and vilified by the media for a night club fracas and also took time out of the game for #mentalhealth issues after the loss of his father.

Failure and near humiliation can also be a catalyst for powerful change and can be a source of strength to #resilient, determined leaders. Difficult times certainly instil humility which can be a team bonding force.

How are you leading your team?

Feel free to discuss ideas with our #inspiredleadership team