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Sales Advice

Sales Advice and Marketing

This is our key skill set.

We view sales and marketing as intertwined disciplines.

Whether you need an interim sales manager or sales executive we will not only do the job and bring in the revenue; we will also analyse your sales procedures and give you real time market research feedback while selling.

In short, we function as your sales and marketing departments.


We take an active role in selling your product or service.

Only by selling your product ourselves can we fully understand your marketing requirements.

We then help you refine your marketing strategy in order to sustain strong growth.


The competitive business environment is constantly evolving. We all need to hire the sharpest business tools of today. We may only need them for one day……to even reshape or discard them.

We help you keep your core team lean and keen.

If you need more specialist help in any business discipline including sales and marketing, we (together with you) will help you source the right solution for the right price. We can also manage this process for you.

We know our limitations and are keen to outsource and manage if required.

Sales on a budget

If you have limited budget, we will work for you for just one day every 3 months as long as you pay us on time as this is one of the single most important aspects of Transaction Marketing.
There is no more cost effective way to start. Try us out and then build your own team around us or in parallel.
We are not in the business of making ourselves indispensable.

Book a 30-minute Rapid Sales Consultation

Book a free 30-minute call so you can share your targets and learn how outsourced sales can achieve them.