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With Covid, is your organisation re-assessing the risk of growing global and preparing for the next Black Swan Event?

Are you diversifying or relying a little less on your domestic market?

Our previous blog focused on what your team needs to focus on to safeguard against future economic dangers, such as steep inflation, for example.

How difficult is it to achieve true continuity – Transaction Focus

Numerous business strategists believe that without a diverse, multicultural, ambitious, talented team it is that much harder to grow globally.

The ex-Governor of the Bank of England, Mervyn King, exclaimed that “board group think” and sophisticated calculations of probability helped create false confidence that led to the 2008 Financial Crash.

Might your business be potentially in danger of “one dimensional” or “group thinking” or untested remote research analytics?

Sophisticated research using predictive data is useful if combined with real live test selling and in-depth cultural/behavioural research on the ground / in market. This way, the true picture can be uncovered on a country basis.

Our talented team launched Truedil TM in 2019 to offer a more in-depth view of M&A acquisitions (to complement traditional Financial and Legal Due Diligence), using an array of analytic tools and hundreds of NFDD (non-financial due diligence) specialists with current diverse skill sets as well as deep local market understanding.

They work in small, agile (non-hierarchical) project teams, in order to engender mutual reliance and trust.

As business people, we all need to be focused on mid-term sustainable revenue as well as long term business continuity or what our team call true diligence and true continuity

Mitigating risk is part of our DNA.

Companies hire Transaction Focus to spread risk or/and reduce their reliance on one specific market sector or to grow into new regions.

Cautious, conservative folks might argue this is too costly and risky.

Our expertise on the ground ensures it is not.

By expanding into new territories, for example, your organisation is effectively spreading risk by no longer depending on the local economy or your mother country, whether that be the USA, UK, France or Japan.

Book in HERE for a 20-minute discussion with Charles Smee or John Gelmini if you want to find out more.

Charles Smee is Co-Founder of Truedil and Managing Director of Transaction Focus Ltd.
He has lived and worked in 6 countries on 3 continents servicing multinationals such as Allied Domecq, BAT, Kellogg, Fujitsu, Hilti, IBM and Intel as well as growing two multi-million start- ups from scratch.