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How To Hire A Sales Team After The Great Resignation

Many companies are still looking to hire a sales team after the ‘Great Resignation’ – the surprising HR phenomena which followed post covid lockdowns. For any company that relies on sales team performance for revenue growth how you hire a sales team needs to be reviewed.

The Great Resignation

As pandemic life has receded employees across the UK and UK have been leaving their jobs in search of more money, more flexibility and more happiness.  Many are rethinking what work means to them, how they are valued, and how they spend their time. The ‘Great Resignation’ sounds like a wonderful opportunity for employees but what are employers supposed to do? Especially those running sales teams.  

The numbers are quite astonishing. In April 2021 the U.S. Labor Department reported that 4 million people quit their job – in one month! In November 2021 recruitment firm Randstad UK surveyed 6,000 workers and found that 69% of them were feeling confident about moving to a new role in the next few months, with 24% planning a change within three to six months. The normal response rate to this question is around 11%. 

Of course, for every person resigning there is an opportunity to hire fresh talent. For sales driven companies a new culture and inspiring creative management techniques are needed to attract and indeed retain, talent. 

Is Recruiting Sales People The Right Approach? 

There is an art to recruiting sales professionals that deliver consistent results and stick around to embed a progressive high-performance culture. Transaction Focus knows what makes sales people tick.  

Far from the traditional process of ‘hire and hope’ where the pressure is on your business to drive results from a sales team, Transaction Focus wants you to consider the approach we use when recruiting and managing sales teams on behalf of our clients. 

And by the way when we hire a sales team for you, WE GAURANTEE RESULTS OR REPLACE PEOPLE FOR FREE. 

The Recruitment Agency Model Is Broken 

The traditional recruitment agency model does not work when hiring sales people. This is because you will be required to pay a fee of 10-23% of their salary without any guarantee of them being a success. 

As 80% of sales people in Europe do not exceed targets, it always surprises us why companies are prepared to take this expensive risk. 

Transaction Focus hires sales professionals on your behalf. We de-risk the sales revenue generation process. 

For a bit more than 23%, Transaction Focus make sure that your sales team generate sales. And if they do not – unlike recruitment companies – we will replace them for free.  

We close the loop on the sales process, by signing deals on your behalf alongside you and even offering new training and process for handling customer support.

How To Hire A Sales Team

Do you ever wonder why a high quality sales person is using a recruitment agency to finda new job? There may be less than desirable reasons a sales person is going through a recruitment agency.  Even if they were successful in their last role, the ‘Great Resignation’ highlights the fact that they could be worn out and uninspired.  

Recruiters often have a tick box mentality to justify their selection and do not look further or deeper. At the end of the day, they get their fee and commission from placing a candidate. The results you are interested in though are sales. 

At Transaction Focus when we hire a sales team we focus on motivation and are skilled at setting remuneration structures that fuels right fit, profitable, high margin, repeat business. 

Of course, money is not the only motivator. This is another factor which the ‘Great Resignation’ has reminded us all of.  

You have to be genuine about helping candidates succeed in their careers, which is another factor that many recruiters are simply not interested in. High performers want opportunities to improve and evolve, so it is best to help them on their way with training.  

As you work through the candidate journey – screening, interviewing and evaluation – you need to unearth the candidate’s motivations. It is a time-consuming process but much more costly if you do not get it right.  

Of course, Transaction Focus are highly experienced in spotting the right talent and ensuring that the right motivators are put in place to get the best out of them.  

Let TRANSACTION FOCUS DO THE HEAVY LIFTING by building and leading your sales team. 

How To Curb The Great Resignation 

Successful, high-quality sales people know the value of their deep sector experience and know where they are going in their chosen field.  

Now more than ever they are turned off by protocol and they know they have the opportunity to work on their own terms. They still want to get the sales and generate the commissions that will fuel your business success but, as the ‘Great Resignation’ suggests, not with sacrifice to their quality of life or time with their family. 

What companies fail to realise about top sales talent is that they often do not fit in with your company status quo, hence it makes sense for Transaction Focus to manage them so that they are freed up to be ambitious and experimental, albeit respecting to your company brand and product values. 

We can integrate them into your team once they have gained the respect of your team members with exceptional performance over 12-24 months. 

A New Model To Hire A Sales Team  

For sales-driven companies the pandemic has changed the way sales people are prepared to work. Good or bad how you hire a sales team and lead sales people has to evolve.  

This evolution is no surprise to Transaction Focus though. No surprise because the true career drivers and motivators for top sales talent have always been the basis for how we recruit, train and lead our clients’ sales teams.  

Do not struggle to evolve or learn by hire and fire. Grasp the opportunity right now by letting Transaction Focus do the heavy lifting to recruit and manage your sales team. 


Call Transaction Focus on +442071278070 or request a call back, so that we can give you a viable alternative to hiring a successful sales team.