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Holistic Therapy Day

What are you doing to boost Return on Energy (ROE) within your business?

If you are not currently focusing on this, perhaps Holistic Therapy Day is the day to start

We all take our cars for MOT to ensure every part is in good working condition and to eliminate the chances of breaking down, in the middle of nowhere, with no cell phone reception.
……Just as with every plane we step on, an engineer will have had to carry out daily checks to ensure the safety of all its passengers.

One faulty part could put an end to your business.

So, if we know this, why is it that many business owners are unable to detect issues in the detailed operations of their business? is it because the risks do not seem as high at the time?

When we look at the daily routines of Olympians and the team required to support them in achieving such greatness, we realise it is not just about the sport they are playing. It is about nutrition, stretching, mindset, massages and more, this is what contributes to their success. If one Olympiad detail is not perfected, the balance of their performance can be out of sync.

Imagine you are preparing for the Paris 2024 Olympics; how would you approach this? Would you look at every small element of the business and the holistic health of the team?

Transaction Focus ensures a holistic approach is employed across all projects and employee well-being. From meditation to gong therapy, to Reiki to CBT, we make sure each therapy works together to help the needs of the individual.

As we approach our 17th Anniversary, we continue to implement holistic therapy among our team to guarantee they work at their optimum and achieve the highest levels of ROE. This naturally echoes into our client’s business, their sales and business development processes.

Let us ask you, how often do you service all elements of your business? Does that trickle down to employee level?

Imagine the heightened ROE and resilience your business can achieve if each team member is working at their peak and each team is in harmony with one another.

If you are struggling to achieve the ROE required to hit your targets, it is time to take a holistic view.

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Increase your ROE (return on energy)!