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Do you need True Spirit and True Purpose to have True Leadership?

Do you need True Spirit and True Purpose to have True Leadership?

Conviction – to be a billionaire you need it.

Jay Z famously said “I’m not a businessman, I am a business, Man !

He certainly gives it his all which is what one must consider to be a key element of #True Spirit

Dignity – one of the hallmarks of True Leadership

In the heat of battle, India’s Cricket Captain, Virat Kohli asks the crowd to stop booing Australian Captain, Steve Smith #ICCWorldCup  #trueleadership  It was has his respectful initiative in the #truespiritofcricket

Knowing your Why and even redefining it?

#SimonSinek correctly emphasises that to succeed, we need a clear sense of purpose :-

For Richard Branson, his space travel business is his passion and purpose today.

He started in the music business and then moved into the airline business and then again into space travel, each time redefining his #truepurpose

Uplifting others

Taking people along with you on a rewarding, purposeful entrepreneurial journey requires both inspiring true spirit and leadership.

True Great Leaders with true fighting spirit and real purpose are few and far between.

When one element is missing (for example, the cause /purpose or priorities have changed), true leaders can become ineffective. Winston Churchill was a brilliant war time leader and much less effective once WW2 Liberation had been achieved. He had fulfilled his purpose  

Charles Smee, Founder and Senior Partner of Transaction Focus and Co-Founder of Truedil @tfocus @charlessmee @truedil1