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Do you make sure your audience is at peak mode before you start training?


You do not have to be an NLP practitioner to know that Self belief and psychology is a key element of sustainable sales success.

At Transaction Focus, we take this notion a little further.

Just as Michael Jordan (the greatest basketball player of all time) always made sure he was in peak mental state before every match, we believe that sales people should be in a peak, ultra receptive and absorptive mode before sales training is delivered…or even before they conduct self study themselves.

We all know that there is no longer any place for “sheep dip” training.

Like sports professionals, business people also need a creative, inspirational blend of training, coaching and mentoring at different times of their career.

Sir Clive Woodward OBE, in his post analysis of Team GB’s Olympic success , spoke of how gold medallists are self-managed “sponges”, who know how to extract the best from their support staff at key times. They are meticulous and know the tiniest detail about their competitors.

Sales and Marketing professionals need to become a little more serious and obsessive.

If you have team members who are being more “rock like” i.e. not “spongey” enough, maybe  you should prescribe some hypnotherapy, NLP and Advanced Thinking  techniques to unlock the substantial subconscious brain power that we all have …locked away and underutilised..!!

There is no point spending time training them if they are not in “peak absorption mode”.

If you choose to, you are not only waisting human and capital resources, you are diluting the sustainable strength of your entire team.

Author:- Charles Smee, Founder of Transaction Focus