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Collaborative Co-management


Cisco and Citrix announced recently that they were reducing their consultant count.

Outsourcing has received bad press with the G4S Olympics errors.
What blend of outside support do enterprises now need to gel their teams together and drive a healthy balance of more short term revenue and long term sustainable growth.

Outsourcing should surely be viewed as a long term venture to extend the brand influence of a product or service….not just as a cost reduction exercise to keep shareholders happy.

Junior outsourced personnel delivering a simple back office task in The Philippines or India should ideally understand the wider vision and mission of the outsourcer.

Bosses in Corporate America and Europe probably all too often overlook how back or front end outsourcing operators can improve the business process and even provide breakthrough insights …even help on the way to discovering innovations.

Lead associates at Transaction Focus have worked for many years in end outsource delivery markets. We understand what makes the locals tick in each market.

Cooperation and wholehearted commitment from outsource delivers is central to a successful outsourcing project.

In order to tap into outsourcing partners’ creative potential , they should first of all buy in to the brand values and feel that they are part of the organisation; i.e. they should not merely feel like a remote low value extension of their client business.

Outsourcers need to start co-sharing with outsourced deliverers. a more equal, cooperative way.
Co-sharing ideas and discussing improved practices in a creative way will reap dividends.

The Short term cost cutting is here to stay…The John Lewis Group or Innocent Drinks model is yet to be delivered in outsourced markets.

It would not surprise me if Tata or a Filipino owned outsourcing operation cracks the winning collaborative formula with reverse sourcing into the American or European markets.

Major Western outsourcers are arguably too corporate, inflexible and self important.

Written by Charles Smee :- Founder and CEO or Transaction Focus