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Transaction Audits


A comprehensive health check of every aspect of your sales and marketing that has an impact on your profitability.

From the cost of acquiring customers to marketing spend effectiveness, to brand health metrics and customer satisfaction analysis.

We can even tailor make a Transaction Audit™ specifically for your product if you wish….. and we would naturally prefer your input.

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Why not try our Test Marketing Exercise to find out how we can reduce your average transaction (order) cost ? …or / and increase your average transaction value.


We will come and do a simple audit to see how you transact.

We can also monitor you for months and years afterwards with physical , telemarketing or email audits.

These audits can be crucial for a company’s performance in a similar way to a financial or a manufacturing plant audit.

Media Measurement & Auditing

Since 2008, Transaction Focus has been field and telephone auditing for ABC and we strongly support their JICWEBS initiative

Transaction Auditing is a key element of Transaction Marketing and part of our Non-Financial Due Diligence service.

Transaction Focus can calculate the future revenue growth potential (FRGP) of a company or product or service in a specific channel or market.

This helps us calculate more realistic KPIs and KRAs for test sales and test marketing projects.

We package this service as part of our True Diligence offer, that complements traditional and financial and legal due diligence.

In addition to sales force automation, artificial intelligence is rapidly emerging as new force to improve transaction experiences.

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