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GDPR Focus

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is upon us.

Why not look at the positive side and make things simple.

We need to ensure full compliance with the new GDPR regulations governing data.

There are endless compliance guidelines. Transaction Focus suggest you talk to your local chamber and attend one to one clinics as every company’s data architecture is unique.

Do not forget to appoint a ICO compliance officer. Let’s be positive, smart and prudent and make the most of the opportunities.


Just by using Data Xchange, you are almost protected.

Make the time to sit the dataXchange demo. Get all your clients to download on to dataXchange and your life will be simpler and your data will be secure and compliant.

Store and clean all your old data and add this on too. How easy is that ?

We can communicate with prospects and customers in a natural way.

Network naturally

We also need to get more out and about and meet people at face to face at events and exhibitions.

It is not always necessary to take a stand; Transaction Focus can teach you how to target the right fit prospects at the right fit events for your business, plan and turn up and naturally network.

By becoming ISO 27001 compliant, your organisation is largely adhering to GDPR and becoming fitter to focus on exporting and growing. Please feel free to pick up the phone and speak to Roger Evans and John Gelmini.

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