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Funding Focus

Do you need funding and do you really know how much ?

Ask Transaction Focus how to fund your business growth

Transaction Focus frequently advises clients to conduct test selling and test marketing programmes as well as Transaction audits, in order to determine the real level of funding required to deliver profitable sustainable sales revenue, ROI and business growth.

For new market or channel entry or for overseas expansion, companies can find it hard to predict any certainty; this is why we recommend real Live test selling as a viable option.

Sourcing Funds

Getting funded can be as painful and precarious as climbing to the top of a Monkey Puzzle tree.

Transaction Focus has historically helped clients acquire funding from British Chambers of Commerce, DTI / UKTI and from the European Union to support export sales growth.

Transaction Focus have several associates who were UK
Government accredited Business Growth Accelerator advisers and we have
also recruited approximately 800 companies on to the EU funded Gateway
programme, helping technology companies expand into the Asia Pacific

We bring in specialist experts to advise our clients on alternative funding (Crowd, Peer 2 Peer etc.), R&D Tax, Grants, Loans or to find the perfect “Angel”.!! We are here to ensure that you select the “right fit ” option to support your sales growth. Our sales and marketing mentors are always available to guide you.

Natural organic funding is normally our preference

As we never lose sight of ROI and are exponents of natural, organic growth, Transaction Focus normally explores grant or EU funding first.

We are accomplished at enabling companies to become more competitive, expand globally more rapidly with a blend of grants, “right fit” finance and targeted sales.

Our team can also help with Proposal Writing and Funding Option Selection training.

Our Associate Partner, Jenny Camaradou, is an EU and private investment funding expert.

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